These recipes are pre-loaded in our custom software at You Brew It. Our software will allow you to edit, change, or add items to the recipe to create the exact brew you are looking for. Email us your own recipe before brew day and we will help you match what you want to brew.

Amber Ale Goose Island Honkers Ale
Amber Bock Guinness Extra Stout
Apricot Habanero Hopper
Apricot Ale Hazelnut Brown Nectar
Banana Hoppy Pilsner
Belgian Dark Irish Cream
Belgian Strong Ale Irish Red IPA
Black & Blue Kilkennley Red
Black Silk Knee Deep Citra
Blood Orange Midas Touch
Blue Moon Munich
Bohemian Dark Munich IPA
Brown Ale New Castle
Carmel Apple Peach Habanero IPA
Carmel Pumpkin Pilsner Pineapple Munich Wheat
Chocolate Cherry Raspberry Wheat
Chocolate Coconut Imperial Porter Red Chili Mango
Chocolate Milk Stout Root Beer Stout
Chocolate Peanut Butter Rye Coconut Stout
Chocolate Sweet Stout Scottish Ale
Coffee Chocolate Stout Shandy Pilsner
Coors Smores
Cream Ale Strawberry Blonde
Cream Carmel Pilsner Sweet Cherry
Firestone Walker 805 Honey Symphony Wheat Dunkel
Fresh Squeezed Vanilla Bourbon Stout
German Kolsh Watermelon Wheat
German Pilsner Winter Ale

You Brew It Flavors

Almond Rocca Irish Cream
Amaretto Lemon
Apple Mango Flavor
Apricot Passion Fruit
Banana Peach Flavor
Blackberry Peanut Butter
Blood Orange Pineapple
Blueberry Pomegranate
Blue Raspberry Pumpkin Flavor
Bourbon Carmel Raspberry
Carmel Root Beer T
Cherry Flavor Toasted Marshmallow
Chocolate Milano Strawberry
Coconut Tangerine
Coffee Vanilla Bean
Cream Carmel Watermelon
Green Apple White Chocolate
Hazel Nut