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You Brew It is a Brew On Premise where we have all the supplies and hardware for you to make your very own home brew using the same process that you would use at your home.

We will assist you in assembling your custom beer or wine kit and then assist you with preparing your kit to fermentation. Your batch of choice will be kept in our temperature controlled fermentation room until complete and ready to bottle. At that time you will return and bottle your beer or wine.

Beer will take two weeks from preparation to bottling and wine will take 6 weeks.

Price Ranges depending on the ingredients and quantities that you choose. Bottles or Cans are not included in cost below.

Beer – $65 to $85 and produces 48-52 bottles of beer.
Wine – $100 to $110 and will produce 25 bottles of wine.
Cider – $91 to $95 and will produce 60 bottles of cider
Hard Seltzer $56 add any flavor, 6.6 ABV, 48-52 bottles

How much time will it take?

Flavor Grain with Extract Beer will take just over 2.5 and Ferment for 2 weeks
Wine will take up to 60 minutes and Ferment 7 weeks. Bottling will take up to 30 minutes for both beer and wine.

Brew Process

You will be here for 2.5 hours.
15 Minutes – pick your recipe
30 Minutes – steep your flavor grains
15 Minutes – dissolve your malt extract and bring to a boil
60 Minutes – boil your bitter, flavor, and aroma hops
15 Minutes – chill your beer for fermentation.

We will store your beer and ferment for 14 days. We will schedule your bottling appointment after you have completed the brew process

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