You Brew It is a Brew On Premise where we have all the supplies and hardware for you to make your very own home brew using the same process that you would use at your home.

We will assist you in assembling your custom beer or wine kit and then assist you with preparing your kit to fermentation. Your batch of choice will be kept in our temperature controlled fermentation room until complete and ready to bottle. At that time you will return and bottle your beer or wine.

Beer will take two weeks from preparation to bottling and wine will take 6 weeks.

Price Ranges depending on the ingredients and quantities that you choose.

Beer – $65 to $85 and produces 48-52 bottles of beer.
Wine – $85 to $105 and will produce 25 bottles of wine.

How much time will it take?

Flavor Grain with Extract Beer will take just over 2 hours once you start you batch and Ferment for 2 weeks
Wine will take up to 30 minutes and Ferment 6 weeks.
Bottling will take up to 30 minutes for both beer and wine.


How to Make a Reservation

Click on the 12:00 PM Reservation Brew line below the day you would like to brew. This will expand all reservation times for that day. We start are brew day at 12:00 and work our way out through the day.  Please pick the next open time slot without a name assigned to it so we can keep our reservations together.  Each reservation can accommodate 1 or 2 batches. Each batch has a maximum of 2 people.  You will require consecutive open time slots if you are brewing multiple batches over 2. You cannot edit the calendar it is only available to view open times and dates.

Email the date & time with your first and last name along with your phone number to daryle@you-brew-it.com

Please allow up to 24 hours for a confirmation especially while we are open and brewing.

The brew process is located at the bottom of the Menu of Products tab

Must call (916) 638-4197 before 11 AM for Same Day Reservations

We will schedule your bottling appointment upon completion of you brew.